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frequently asked questions

1. What are the membership benefits?

2. How can I register?

3. How much does it cost?

4. Is it free, forever?

5. Is there a commission or fee?

6. Can I have a free premium trial?

7. What is a buyer?

8. How will buyers find my company profile?

9. How will Buyers contact me?

10. Where do the EVINTRA Buyers come from?

11. How many search requests does EVINTRA have?

12. Do I have to apply to be listed on the EVINTRA directory?

13. What is the Basic-membership?

14. What is the Pro-membership?

15. What is the Pro-Plus Membership?

16. What is the verified Membership?

17. How can I monitor my membership?

18. How can I cancel my Premium Membership?

19. Can I have a Buyer and a Provider (public) profile?

20. Can I change my Buyer account to a Provider account?

21. Can I change company information after the registration?

22. Where can I add/change pictures and documents?

23. Can I have more than one profile if my company operates in more destinations?

24. How can I change my password if I forgotten mine?