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frequently asked questions

1. What is EVINTRA?

EVINTRA is a German company with the main office in Frankfurt providing a directory for the MICE & Tourism industry, free of charge to register, to use and without any fee or commission. The directory is on the one hand online on, as well as in print version, published twice a year with 10.000 exemplars per year.

Additionally, we offer other MICE related services, like more than 50 Buyer Programs per year and media activities.

2. For who is EVINTRA?

EVINTRA is for all stakeholders in the MICE and Tourism industry. Buyers can use our directory to find suppliers anywhere in the world – Supplier (Agencies, DMCs, Hotels, Event Locations, Tourism Companies, Convention Bureaus,…), so provider for any kind of MICE services, can register here to get found by Buyers.


The EVINTRA PRINT EDITION is the same directory which is online in print version. All registered members will be published in the print catalogue with their contact details in the following scale:

• Pro-Plus-Members: highlighted entry before Pro-Members

• Pro-Members: highlighted entry before free- and Basic-members

• Basic-Members: highlighted entry before free members, beyond Pro-members

• Free-Members: standard entry, alphabetically ordered (non-highlighted)

The print catalogue is

• published 2 times a year, in May as well as November

• total of 10.000 copies per year

• provided to B2B Buyers by sending out to offices as well as more than 60 MICE industry events (Exhibitions) per year

To get other advertising opportunities in the EVINTRA PRINT EDITION, please have a look at or get in touch with

4. What does the free profile include?

The free profile includes a random listing for search requests going to one city you can choose and the respective country. Your profile will be directly online after registering the “Provider” profile and will be published with your contact details in the next EVINTRA PRINT EDITION. 

5. How does EVINTRA make money and benefits of providing the free of charge directory?

The directory is free to use, to register and without any fee or commission. But as the free profile is limited, we also offer Premium memberships to get f.e. a country-wide and top-listing. We also do business by bringing Buyers to the exhibitions, getting money in exchange.