The Global MICE Certification Standard

About us

The Global MICE Certification Standard (GMCS) is developed to set a high quality standard within the MICE industry. We have pioneered this process that aims to elevate the level which service agencies provide. The certification was developed by industry professionals in order to benefit both buyers and suppliers of the MICE industry. Suppliers such as Agencies or DMCs can guarantee their excellence of service and buyers can easily seek out qualified providers to fulfill their needs, streamlining the process and saving both parties time and resources.

The Global MICE Certification Standard (GMCS):

  • Transparency for buyers and other partners
  • Prove your capabilities and liabilities
  • Show your skills in project management, supplier qualification, marketing and more

GMCS is based on certain criteria that ensures transparency for buyers and other partners in regard to your capabilities and liabilities. Getting certified shows at a glance how reliable your company is regarding certain criteria such as: project management, supplier qualification, financial reliability, marketing, staff and risk management. The GMCS certification is run by industry experts with more than 10 years of experience. Your certification also enhances your ranking within EVINTRA’s directory, which means the quality assured companies along with their Premium Membership enjoy the best possible listing and therefore exposure.

Andreas Thölken

As the Founder of EVINTRA as well as several other MICE and Marketing related companies, Andreas Thölken worked within his over 10 years of Experience on Projects with over 50 million Euro Budget in over 60 Countries. He founded GMCS and led the way to its revolution with transparency and quality for the MICE industry.

Andreas Thölken

David Sand

CEO Founder of Uwin Iwin as well as former SITE Global President (2013).

Uwin Iwin is an incentive and loyalty specialist business. We assist businesses to unlock the full potential of employees, channel partners, dealers and customers, to achieve results and measured performance necessary to produce a competitive edge.

David Sand

Daniel Tschudy

- about hospitality Daniel is a consultant, networker, coach and speaker. His topics are international business-relations, as well as cross-border and cross-culture marketing and communication issues. He served Kuoni Travel, Switzerland Tourism, and as co-founder of MCI Group. He writes regularly for trade publications and often speaks at Business Schools and industry events. Daniel often focuses on the emerging markets in Africa, Arabia and Asia and he is particularly involved in China and Japan.

Daniel Tschudy

Alejandro Verzoub

President of AV BUSINESS & COMMUNICATION, the first Full Service Incentive & Marketing Company from Argentina, as well as former SITE Global President (2012).

Main Professor for Advertising and Advertising Creativity for the Advertising career at the FAECC, Buenos Aires from 1987 to 1995. Habitual lecturer and writer in magazines specialized in incentives, management and marketing.

Alejandro Verzoub

How it works

Get in touch with us or directly book below to become certified. Certification has a running course of two years and can extended by a simpler re-certification.

The majority of the process is realized online, within your EVINTRA account that includes the certification process platform, with only the exceptions of optional on-site inspections/visits.

After the evaluation of all information, which is related to ~100 criteria in different categories (differing, depending on company form), each criterion will receive a certain amount of rating points. These sum up to the final score. You will then receive your ranking and score in a report. If you managed to achieve the necessary minimum scoring to become certified, a genuine certificate will be handed out which you can proudly behold with your staff and present to your clients.

With our key focus on quality standards in a fast-changing market, we find it advisable to always stay at the peak of developments and up to date. This makes us able to meet the expectations of today's market and is one reason, why we recommend renovating your certificate every second year.


  • ALogin to your EVINTRA account (or create a free account)
  • Book your Certification here by credit card, or request us to pay by invoice
  • After payment we will activate your GMCS process platform within your account
  • You can start filling out the required information
  • Provide the documentation required for all points
  • Delivery of the process results, informing you about your scores and ranking
  • Postal Issue of your genuine certificate with our protected annual GMCS seal for your personal presentation

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DMCs are a dime a dozen. The global MICE certification standard (GMCS) is the best way to boost your visibility in the global MICE market, by making a difference and showing that it is important for your business to meet high-quality industry standards and most of all, comply to them. You will not only enhance your position in the market itself, but you will also attract new potential clients by certifying that you provide a valuable, quality service. Ultimately, this can make the difference between proposal and assignment which leads to a raise in revenue.

The expectations of clients regarding the reliability and quality of professional services, will always be important to the decisions made by them. In the MICE market these expectations and standards are always high. A client in search for a service provider, wants to find the right partner for the assignment. They must allocate, who can guarantee their capacities and competences to deliver these services to satisfaction. This is one of the key aspects that make certification interesting, as well as important. A healthy business cycle begins and ends with customer satisfaction. With the GMCS certification, you prove to meet high industry standards, by certifying the quality of your services and guaranteeing your company’s reliability.

Every business has a certain performance level which is delivered to fluctuation. This is caused by different factors. Some of these can be traced down and detected throughout the certification results, which show your rating in key categories. These can indicate in which fields you have to improve your management and/or service methods, also improving your companies service quality. Evaluating the current state of your business and knowing, where to invest your efforts in getting better, will make the measures taken to improve more efficient, and assist you in developing better quality management guidelines.


invest in your company’s future and get a real sales advantage

more clients

Attract potential clients by certifying that you provide a high quality and valuable service

improve quality

Improve your quality management with a detailed list of practical guidelines

better reputation

Build up your reputation in the MICE & Tourisem industry through strucural improvments of your company


Guarantee your company’s reliability to new an existing clients with proof of your high standerds


Maximize your visibility to prospects on the market by earning the GMCS certification


Achieve a highest ranking possible in EVINTRA’s directory as Premium Member and build trust with more than 25.000 buyers


Evaluate the current state of your business and operations on a board amount of quality aspects

company growth

Accelerate your company’s growth by maximizing your visibility and credibility

Guarantee your company’s reliability

If you would like more detailed information on how you can benefit from the GMCS, send us your individual request anytime to:


The GMCS is a certification that focuses on evaluating the state of companies which function within the MICE and Tourism industry. It focuses on Agencies as well as DMCs. The certification process works based on tacit information about the services the company operates with the purpose to determine if the company uphold to high quality standards. The majority of the process is realized over our online procedure platform, with the exceptions of optional in-site inspections/visits.

We have devised a strategy that focuses on the aspects that come into play when providing quality service as well as the ones that guarantee a company’s solid reputation. Our main areas of interest are project management, supplier qualification, financial reliability, marketing, staff and risk management and client satisfaction. Each of these areas is touched upon in our registry forms, which have been carefully developed to cover each area with clear instructions.

Certification Requirements

The requirements for the GMCS certification were designed in order to guarantee quality of service and to assure, that the field of competition starts at a stable professional level. Long years of experience and intense research have taught us, where the benchmarks should be set in order for a company, to be able to provide proper service and uphold high standards for quality.

These requirements have to be meet by your company, to become entitled to be awarded the GMCS certification:

  • More than 1 year of operation in the MICE or Tourism industry
  • Turnover of 100,000$ and upwards
  • 3+ clients
  • 2+ staff members


The GMCS is also an opportunity to discover your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Our evaluation process will provide scores for every area that was revised. In some cases, however, a company may not achieve the minimum score necessary to obtain the certification. If this applies, we are happy to recommend solutions or lecturers to you, which can help you to improve these fields of action.

If you wish to improve your score, you are always free to reapply. The requirements for recertification are:

  • A minimum waiting period of 3 months after being awarded the GMCS
  • Your previously awarded GMCS certificate
  • Pertinent supporting documentation to changes that have been implemented


The GMCS logo signifies your company follows the highest quality standards for MICE and Tourism businneses. Having the GMCS logo present in your promotional material will give your agency a distinction amongst its competitors. It will guarantees potential clients that they will be working with the best the MICE industry has to offer.


The GMCS guarantees that your agency is what the MICE industry has to offer. In order to be qualified to use the GMCS logo you must obtain the certificate first. After the successful certification we will send you a logo files you may use.

Why use the GMCS logo?

The GMCS logo signifies your company follows our quality standards. Having the GMCS logo present in your promotional material will give your agency a distinction amongst its competitors. It will guarantees potential clients that they will be working with the best the MICE industry has to offer.

How can I use the label?

The GMCS logo is available in common formats which allows you to resize it to better suit your needs. The logo is available in black and white in case the colors match your agency’s color scheme.


Users must ensure that the logo will never be displayed in a way that:

  • Suggests or implies that non-certified agencies are GMCS certified
  • Suggests or implies that the agency’s score is higher than the one it was awarded
  • Changes the original color scheme (with the exception of black and white logos)
  • Modifies the year in which the certification was awarded
  • Suggests or implies the GMCS brand endorses an event that hasn’t been previously agreed upon


If you know of a case where the GMCS logo/brand is being misused, please let us know by emailing us at


Prices for a GMCS (Re-)Certification valid from 01.01.2020:

This Price applies for a regular procedure of Certification and will need to be paid in advance when receiving the certification catalog.

PREMIUM members are subject to a 20% discount