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EVINTRA PORTAL refers to the service provided and / or to EVINTRA UG.

The protection of your personal data is a central concern for EVINTRA PORTAL.

The purpose of this privacy statement is for EVINTRA PORTAL to inform you about how EVINTRA PORTAL processes your personal data and how you can exchange this data with other users.

The following applications by EVINTRA PORTAL offer additional privacy provisions that are available from the respective websites of the applications: Portal and website (s)

1. Basic principles of EVINTRA PORTAL for the processing of your personal data

- EVINTRA PORTAL collects, processes, and uses your personal data in compliance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Privacy Policy of the European Union.

- EVINTRA PORTAL uses your personal data exclusively to enable you to use the internet services requiring registration in EVINTRA PORTAL. Under no circumstance is EVINTRA PORTAL to use your personal data for advertising or marketing purposes or unauthorized transmit to third parties

- With the exception of some general information about your professional status entered in your profile at EVINTRA PORTAL which is available to other EVINTRA PORTAL members (see Section 3 of this Privacy Policy).

- Non-members of EVINTRA PORTAL can only view your personal data if you explicitly allow it (see Section 4 of this Privacy Policy).

2. Fixed terms of this Privacy Policy

Specific terms used in the EVINTRA PORTAL Privacy Policy that you should know:

- "Personal Data" shall refer to all information about your personal or factual circumstances.

- The sites offering the EVINTRA PORTAL services are collectively called the "EVINTRA PORTAL websites".

- The applications offered by the service EVINTRA PORTAL contact and communication forums are called "social network".

- The "profile" represents the personal data you purposefully entered according to your specifications into the EVINTRA PORTAL.

- Those registered with a visible profile in the social network are called "EVINTRA PORTAL members".

- The services offered on the EVINTRA PORTAL requiring registration are called the "EVINTRA PORTAL Services"

- The personal data that you must enter when registering for the EVINTRA PORTAL Services (mandatory fields) is referred to as "Registration Data"

3. What does the EVINTRA PORTAL allow its members to do and what happens to your personal data?

3.1 Registration information

In order for the EVINTRA PORTAL services to work properly, EVINTRA PORTAL must to collect and process certain personal information when registering. This comprehends the following data:

- Username (Email)

- Password

Your username and password won’t ever be visible to the EVINTRA PORTAL members at any time. EVINTRA PORTAL is to pass on this information in any circumstances to third parties and / or otherwise give these third parties notice.

You also need to fill mandatory fields during registration. When creating a profile you will be asked for the following:

- Company Name

- Short Description

- Offers

- Founded in year

- Events per Year

- First name, last name, title

- Work phone number

- Professional Status

- Company name

- Current position

- Country, State and place of business

From the information in your profile the following details are always viewable without any restrictions:

- First name, last name

- Professional Status

- Company name

- Current position

- Business / Company Name

- Category of Company (DMC/Agency etc.)

- Country, State and place of business

3.2 Optional Information

In addition to the registration details you can also enter additional information (referred to as "voluntary information" from now on) in your profile that allows others EVINTRA PORTAL members get to know you better as a suitable business contact. For voluntary information currently include for example: your personal interests, your personal contact information, your education, companies in which you were previously employed, what you offer other EVINTRA PORTAL members what you are looking for other EVINTRA PORTAL members, etc. You can also upload a photo of yourself if you wish.

Your voluntary information in the profile PORTAL members will be visible after the entry for all other EVINTRA. In some voluntary information to decide in each case whether this information should be available to a specific other EVINTRA PORTAL member.

You can revoke with effect for the future by erasing the information in question in your profile data voluntary information at any time.

3.3 Your profile, contact management

The following specified use your personal contact information will be displayed on your profile visible to all EVINTRA PORTAL members:

- First name, last name

- Professional Status

- Company name

- Position

- Business / Company Name

- Category of Company (DMC/Agency etc.)

- Country, State and place of business

All EVINTRA PORTAL Members may access their profile and view the information displayed, including Voluntary Information that you have made public according to your settings in the EVINTRA PORTAL. Certain EVINTRA PORTAL members can also use any of your other voluntary information. You can share this additional information with particular EVINTRA PORTAL members of your choosing in individual cases.

Other EVINTRA PORTAL-members cannot send you private messages to contact you besides sending you an email to the contact details you have given in your profile.

All EVINTRA PORTAL Members may access their profile and view the information displayed, including Voluntary Information that you have made public according to your settings in the EVINTRA PORTAL. Certain EVINTRA PORTAL members can also use any of your other voluntary information. You can share this additional information with particular EVINTRA PORTAL members of your choosing in individual cases.

3.4 Payment Data

If you use paid services of EVINTRA PORTAL, the portal collects and uses your EVINTRA PORTAL payment data such as credit card or bank details for the purpose of payment processing and billing according to the selected method of payment. The necessary measures will be your payment information to process the transaction to service providers such as Transmits credit card companies, or collected directly from these, and processed there. In order to enable the handling of payments and settlement of the automatic extension of the usage agreement, your payment details are stored.

4. Access your profile for non-members of EVINTRA PORTAL

The default settings assist in the application of the idea of ​​networking. The data contained in your profile can be visible to non-members of EVINTRA PORTAL through search engines on the Internet. However, This does not include personal contact information such as your name or other details you don’t want to have displayed.

If your profile is found by non-members of EVINTRA PORTAL through Internet search engines, voluntary information is automatically visible, this people are also able to send business request to you over our system.

5. API and processing of data on behalf of the user

EVINTRA PORTAL provides selected developers and companies ("API Partner") the EVINTRA PORTAL API for the development and operation of applications available that provide the users of the applications of API partners to access data and content outside of EVINTRA PORTAL and the integration allow content in the EVINTRA PORTAL Internet platform outside. The aim is to make EVINTRA PORTAL more attractive and useful by the connection of external applications for the member. The EVINTRA PORTAL API is an Application Programming Interface, which is a provided by the EVINTRA PORTAL AG interface that the API Partner allowed by contractual requirements of EVINTRA PORTAL one or more operated by applications reading and possibly writing to the internet platform of EVINTRA PORTAL to connect. This requires the prior consent of each EVINTRA PORTAL member who uses the application. API partners must be previously registered with EVINTRA PORTAL and enter into a contract with EVINTRA PORTAL, in which the rights and obligations of the parties are governed. In particular, the API partners need to agree to restrictions on access, storage and use of personal data. The EVINTRA PORTAL AG will see to the contractual provisions and technical measures to prevent possible misuse of such data on the part of the API partner.

Each application of an API Partner is to take place with the access to data and content from EVINTRA PORTAL members, subject to prior approval by EVINTRA PORTAL. EVINTRA PORTAL has established criteria to ensure the security of the data of EVINTRA PORTAL members.

If an application the processing of personal data to countries outside the European Union provides ("third countries"), EVINTRA PORTAL meets the data protection legislation necessary contractual arrangements for ensuring an adequate level of protection of personal data with the API partner. If you want to use an application of an API partner, you must enable the access of the application to EVINTRA PORTAL data. Depending on the application also may require a separate consent form for data processing. The processing of data from EVINTRA PORTAL members through the API Partner carried out on behalf of the EVINTRA PORTAL member that has enabled the application.

EVINTRA PORTAL provides members services available that affect third parties to process your own data. If you select an appropriate application or service from EVINTRA PORTAL, the processing of personal data will be carried in your order and your responsibility. EVINTRA PORTAL provides you with suitable functions for managing the data and in particular the deletion of the data available, the processed EVINTRA PORTAL in your order. You have the right and the ability to terminate the processing of personal data in your order at any time.

6. Search Functions

The EVINTRA PORTAL Services offer various ways to search other EVINTRA PORTAL members, including a search operation. The search functions also help you to make contact with other EVINTRA PORTAL members who offer exactly what you are looking for. So, Buyers can find exactly the contacts they really need.

7. Newsletters, weekly status e-mails

The electronic Postal address(es) that you specify will be used by EVINTRA PORTAL to send you newsletters or status e-mails and marketing of similar products or services or surveys to enhance market research (hereinafter collectively, "Newsletter"), unless you have objected to such use. In the newsletters EVINTRA PORTAL can inform you about new features in EVINTRA PORTAL, provide communications with other contacts or you provide certain personal statistics.

You can download the newsletter at any time on EVINTRA PORTAL in your notification settings or by e-mail using the link at the end of each newsletter, without the need for other than the transmission costs according to the base rates.

8. Cookies, Pixel

"Cookies" are small files that allow us to obtain specific information on your PC or other device, while you use the EVINTRA PORTAL services. Cookies help us, for example, to identify the frequency of use and the number of users on our website, analyze usage patterns, assess advertising effectiveness, increase security, and to make our offers more comfortable, efficient and interesting for you.

The EVINTRA PORTAL services use so-called "session cookies", with which you can be identified for the duration of your visit, after your registration. After the end of the session cookies expire automatically. You can use these session cookies using the "Login automatically on this computer" option which stores them permanently. The session cookies include parts of your login data in encrypted form. Auto-login on two (2) different computers in this case is not possible.

Secondly, the EVINTRA PORTAL Services use "permanent cookies" to record information about visitors who repeatedly access EVINTRA PORTAL services. The purpose of using permanent cookies is to continuously improve the products and services we offer. The permanent cookies do not contain personal data. Name, IP address, and similar information will not be saved.

You can disable the storage of cookies in your browser, restrict certain Web sites or set your browser so that it notifies you when a cookie is being sent. You can delete cookies from the hard drive of your PC at any time. Please note, however, that the use of EVINTRA PORTAL services is not possible if session cookies are rejected.

When using EVINTRA PORTAL and / or EVINTRA PORTAL applications that can be offered in whole or in part by third parties third-party cookies can also be stored on your PC or other device. You can set these cookies, as by accepting cookies off in your web browser by third parties.

We use so-called pixels, web beacons, clear GIFs or similar mechanisms. A pixel is an image file or a link to an image file that is placed in the web page code, but not stored on your mobile device (computer, smartphone, etc.). Pixels are used by us mainly for the same reasons as cookies. They allow us, for example, to count the number of users who visit our website, or if the e-mail application on the user’s HTML allows us to determine whether and when an email has been opened. Pixels help us to measure and optimize the effectiveness of our websites, offers and promotions. Related personal tracking does not occur. Usually, pixels work in conjunction with cookies. If you have cookies disabled, then only an anonymous website visit is determined by the pixel.

We also set up conversion tracking technologies on a pixel or cookie base, for instance when measuring the success of advertising campaigns. Technologies from vendors such as Google are used. Below you will find evidence of these providers about cookies and their elimination:

Google: How Google uses cookies

Please note that in case of deletion of the opt-out cookies to collect data will be there again.

9. Log Files/Mobile Handshake

Each page access request’s data is saved in a log file. The record contains the following data:

- The time, status, request your browser supplied, the amount of data transferred and the website which directed you to the requested page (referrer)

- Product and version information of the browser (user agent).

EVINTRA PORTAL uses the standardized "combined" log format of the Apache web server. However, your IP address is not stored after the completion of the visit the EVINTRA PORTAL site. After cessation of use, IP addresses of user’s subject to any statutory retention obligations are erased or made anonymous. In anonymizing IP addresses, they are changed in such a way that details of personal or material circumstances are no longer available and only a disproportionate investment of time, funds, and labor can identify a natural person.

EVINTRA PORTAL uses the log data (logs) in an anonymous form without reference to your person for statistical evaluations. EVINTRA PORTAL can, for example, know on which days and at what times the offers of EVINTRA PORTAL websites are particularly popular and how much data volume is created on the EVINTRA PORTAL sites. In addition EVINTRA PORTAL can scan through the log files identify possible errors, like defective links or program errors, and use log files for the development of EVINTRA PORTAL sites. EVINTRA PORTAL linked data stored in the server log page views, is not used with individuals. EVINTRA PORTAL reserves the right to use of data from log files if there is a strong reason to suspect that users use the EVINTRA PORTAL sites and / or the EVINTRA PORTAL services are acting against the law or are causing a breach of contract. This serves both to protect the EVINTRA PORTAL users, the security of EVINTRA PORTAL members and user data, as well as the EVINTRA PORTAL websites and EVINTRA PORTAL services.

To get you in the context of being able to "Mobile Handshake" with members in your area through the EVINTRA PORTAL, which also uses the feature to view other EVINTRA PORTAL members, we need to determine your location for a short period. For this purpose, the "Mobile Handshake" saves your position (longitude and latitude) and the date of use of the function to the server. After determining your location, this data is erased or made anonymous.

10 "Under 18"

Membership EVINTRA PORTAL and Services of the EVINTRA PORTAL are only available to individuals that are of legal age. Parents and guardians are responsible for protecting the privacy of their children.

11. Availability of data protection rules

You can use this Privacy Policy on each side of the EVINTRA PORTAL websites link to retrieve and print the "Privacy" tab.