Maticz Technologies
Remitano Clone Script and Remitano clone app
Maticz Technologies is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that revolutionized the world of Cryptos by creating the world's best high-tier architectural crypto exchange software with unlimited scalability without loss of transaction processing speed.

#Maticz provides an advanced Remitano Clone Script to kick-start a famous cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano. We offer tailor-made Remitano Exchange Clone that supports both Desktop and Mobile.

Our Remitano Clone Platform Development Process

Our process starts with understanding your requirements, consulting, finalizing scope, initiating work, software development, testing & deployment in client-server.

>> Requirement Analysis

Get to know our client’s requirement--> proposing solutions for their requirement

>> Software Requirement analysis

Collecting the requirement of the software--> Analyzing that collected software needs-->Requirement of System Specification

>> Software design

Blueprint Structure-->Wireframing each screen-->Design the software

>> Software Development Plan

Coding the software-->Layout the main section-->Client’s feedback

>> Unit testing, Integration, Acceptance testing

Testing the developed software-->testing the functionality-->100% bug-free-->systems integration-->Interoperability-->Getting final approval from the client

>> Implement and Deployment

Deploy to client-server-->Script available for user

>> Operations and maintenance

Softwarepolished--> Upgraded-->Fine-tuned-->Enhanced--> Real-world feedbacks on its performance.