Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions)
Innovative and Creative Solutions/Strategic Services
Corporate, Social, Small, Medium, Micro and Local Businesses/Enterprises, Personal, Career/Professional, Business, Entrepreneurial and Employable/Applicable Skills Development, Promotion, Consultancy, Solutions and Support

• Graphic design.
• Web traffic improvement.
• Search engine optimization.
• Marketing materials distribution.
• Accounting/book keeping management.
• Website design, development, building and/or improvement.
• Products, services, projects and programs conceptualization and development.
• Short video ads, jingles and intros conceptualization, development and production.
• Strategic marketing concept notes/plans conceptualization, development and writing.
• International study/education and application/admission consultancy, facilitation and marketing.
• University application/admission essays, statement of interest/purpose or personal statement writing.
• Storytelling, traditional, video, digital, online, email, e-newsletter, new/social media and public/social influencer marketing.
• Business, entrepreneurial, personal, career/professional and employable/applicable skills development, promotion, consultancy and solutions.
• ICT, business, office, secretarial and personal solutions (research, typing, printing, photo copy, scanning, lamination, book binding, formatting, finishing etc.).
• Sales, marketing, promotion, advertising, communications, branding, positioning, visibility, persona, reputation, image, social and public relationships building concept notes, plans or proposals conceptualization, design and implementation.