Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions)
Educational, Volunteer, International and Cultural Exchange Placement
At the interface between volunteerism, active citizenship, students, cultural, philanthropic and ecological protection enthusiasts, internship, social integration or inclusion, intercultural dialogue, non-formal education and sustainable pro-poor, needy, vulnerable, marginalized and deprived social, cultural, economic, humanitarian and democratic development, environmental, ecological and wildlife and natural resource protection, our Educational, Volunteer, International and Cultural Exchange P(EVICE) program facilitates travel to Ghana for cultural, educational, volunteer, internship, gap year and/or international experience.

It also amplifies mutual respect, acceptance and understanding between cultures, people and communities around the world. Further, EVICE involves initiatives that illuminates leveraging of gender, ethnic, social, cultural, religious and economic barriers, grassroots attitudinal and behavioral changes among diverse people, communities and societies. The ultimate goal is to promote, strengthen and support knowledge and technological transfer, social, cultural, ecological protection, sustainable economic and humanitarian development activities, diversity management dynamics, teamwork, social and intercultural communication competences development, acquisition and/or improvement for global peace building.