Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions)
Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps
Gives nature, ecological and wildlife admirers and advocates a good fortune to immerse themselves in iconic and peerless flora and fauna, biodiversity, natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife wonders within Ghana. In each of the ten regions of Ghana there is absolute abundance of diverse and pristine attractions of nature including captivating ecological, biodiversity, natural resources, wildlife species, flora and fauna, water bodies and breathtaking landscapes. Unique moments to experience Mona Monkeys striking peaceful co-existence, living in perfect comfort and harmony with indigenous people and tourists at the Boabeng Fiema and Tafi Atome monkey sanctuaries and pulsating panorama nature or water cruise on the Volta lake to the mystical Dodi Island.

Astonishing rafting, hiking, water-falling, elephanting, monkeying, hippoying, birding, butterflying, sun-bathing at the Ankasa national park, Kakum national park, Mole national park, mount Afadjato, Boako waterfalls, Xavi bird sanctuary, Miamia beach as well as other serene and exotic places comes in handy, fascinating and irresistible. Be captivated by awesome scenery and extreme sports such as paragliding and mountain climbing on the Kwahu and Akuapim mountains or ranges, exclusively Ghana’s answer to the Bavarian Alps. If the western world has winter sports, Ghana offers sun sports. This will most definitely be a fulfilling wildlife and nature walk experience and exposure in Ghana, full of thrills, breathtaking attractions and activities.