Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions)
Native and Indigenous Culture Exploits
Experience of a different culture, tradition, lifestyle, diversity, history, environment, people and community is as unique and personal as fingerprints. It's your turn now to carve your own unique and personal fingerprints of the unparalleled culture, traditions, lifestyles, diversity, history, environment, people and communities of Ghana.

Taking you to the heart beat of Ghana’s internationally recognized extremely hospitable, friendly and courteous people and communities, authentic and exotic native and indigenous culture and traditions is what Native and Indigenous Cultural Exploits (NICE) does best.

An excellent opportunity for cultural and philanthropy enthusiasts to spend their vacation or holidays living with host families in rural communities to experience and appreciate the rudiments of rural survival instincts, importance of community sharing, inter-dependencies and simplicity, reconnect with nature, rediscover spirituality or self-consciousness, regain serenity and strength.

Whilst improving on intercultural relations and diversity management skills through engagement in grassroots and indigenous community activities and programs to achieve an impactful pro-poor social, cultural, economic and humanitarian good through home-stays.