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Precious Minerals Observatory
A direct response to the curiosity of individuals and groups who still wonders why Ghana, the beautiful and amazing country on the coast of West Africa and south of the Sahara, was named the "GOLD COAST" due to its huge depth of precious stones, out of all the countries of the world by the first European explorers (the Portuguese) to have arrived on this natural resources rich country at the turn of the 15th century.

The Precious Minerals Observatory package takes precious minerals collectors, admirers and enthusiasts on an extraordinary educational, observatory, exploratory and familiarization tours to ancient and contemporary mining sites, pits, towns, communities, companies, institutions and organizations. It present unique moments to satisfy your cravings for a real sight, touch and feel of gold, diamond, manganese and bauxite. This also includes visits to other extractive minerals industry locations such as salt, natural gas and oil.

As it is often said, "always better to bear personal experience or witness than to be told".

Come along with us on a journey through the unique geographical location at the center of the earth on the Greenwich meridian, where gold can be found even at the least expected places to understand and appreciate the name "Gold Coast" as Ghana was known before independence.