Discover the mesmerising imperial cities of Morocco on this week-long trip
where you will get to experience first hand the rich culture, stunning
architecture and traditional Moroccan hospitality.
Over 7 days you'll explore the thrilling square of Jema El Fnaa in
Marrakesh, visit the famous leather tanneries in Fes, tour the capital city of
Rabat and meander around Casablanca's vibrant 20th century.
This imperial route will take you through vibrant medinas, ancient
mausoleums and breathtaking mosques for a journey back in time to the
authentic Morocco!
Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca
Day 2: Sightseeing in Marrakesh
Day 3: Drive to Fes
Day 4: Explore the Holy City of Fes
Day 5: Rabat City Tour
Day 6: Free Day in Casablanca
Day 7: Departure From Casablanca