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3 Day Wine Escape in Moldova
Enjoy a bespoke experience in the longest Cricova underground wine city; pamper yourself with selected wines at family Et Cetera Winery and historical Purcari Winery.
After spending the first night in Chisinau, the next day, we will be heading to the south of Moldova, to discover a special winery –Et Cetera. It is a small family-owned winery where they believe that love and care is the key of family’s well-being. For more than a decade, three generations of Luchianov Family takes care of the land, which pays back with great harvest. You will be greeted and guided by the winemaker. Enjoy your lunch in a relaxing atmosphere with the best wines in the heart of the vineyards. The afternoon will surprise you with some activities (optional). Take some Bike or Hike through the vineyards to get to a Purcari Cellars founded in 1827. Nestled in the countryside unfurling between the Dniester River and the Black Sea, the estate, built in the style of French chateau, lets you experience the atmosphere of calm and luxury, and discover the innermost secrets of the creation of the legendary Purcari wines. A short walk to the own gardens and orchards will let you taste the best local and seasonal fruits and berries: strawberries, raspberry, cherries, sour cherries, apricots and others. Enjoy yourself and a dinner on the terrace or the restaurant. Overnight in Purcari.
In the morning we will explore Cricova - one of the few wineries in the world that still produce sparkling wines according to the traditional Champenoise method. The wine ageing is done fully in the underground cellars, boasting 70 km in total length. Hided at a depth of 80 meters, endless lines of stands are holding the bottles at a certain angla certain angle. Currently it is home to 1.2 mln bottles and 640 types of wine. The oldest wine in the collection and the only one of its kind in the world is the wine „Easter Jerusalem”, produced in just one batch in 1902.