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Day Trip at Orheiul Vechi and Cricova Underground Wine City
Discover two the most emblematic places in Moldova. Orheiul Vechi Natural reservation - a cultural, historical and archaeological complex situated in a rocky gorge of the Raut River. This valley shaped by the tireless river with a pristine natural landscape, features huge limestone outcroppings. There are few ancient monuments and buildings set in the valley, from various historical periods dating from the X century BC to the occupation of the Golden Horde in the XIV century. Most interesting of all is the haunting cave monastery, carved into limestone rock by monks in the XIII century. It comprises a small chapel and little nooks where monks used to live. From the narrow ledge outside the cave monastery, you will unveil a spectacular view, overlooking the river and the entire plains. At noon you will be rewarded with peace and relaxation at a traditional Moldovan Guest House in Butuceni.
We will experience the local gastronomy, by taking part at a culinary master class in the countryside. While in Moldova there are a variety of sweet delights which are served to guests at special occasions, horn-shaped cookies filled with rose jam are the ones which take us back to childhood. Easy to prepare, this pastry will bring you a lot of joy.
In the afternoon we will be heading to Cricova to the largest underground winery in the world. Cricova is one of the few wineries in the world that still produce sparkling wines according to the traditional Champenoise method. The wine ageing is done fully in the underground cellars, boasting 70 km in total length. Hided at a depth of 80 meters, endless lines of stands are holding 1.2 mln bottles of wine.

What's included:

- Transportation services
- Expert Local Tour Guide
- Wine tasting (3 wines) at Cricova Winery
- Traditional lunch at a local guest House
- Culinary Masterclass