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A half day biking trip in Chisinau with a visit and tasting at the ATU Urban Winery
We will begin our day with the guided biking Chisinau City Tour. Chisinau is the country’s main tourist destination, with beautiful Orthodox churches, museums and parks offering free wi-fi – a real life saver to any traveller. Locals call it the White Stone Flower, as many of the older building are of white limestone. Although Chisinau suffered two World Wars, the city saved its beauty with buildings designed by famous Russian architects, such as Bernardazzi and Sciusev. During the city tour we will get familiar with the local history, culture, architecture, and everyday life. Also on bikes, we will visit ATU Winery. ATU Winery is the first urban winery in Moldova. Behind the ATU Winery brand are people who through passion to work have created a special wine, a sophisticated mixture of passion and courage, attitude and determination. Be that white, rose or reds, their wines will surprise you with their character.

What's included:

- Bike rentals
- Local Tour Guide
- Wine tasting (3 wines) at ATU Winery