Mindfulness and Educational Retreats in Italy​
Mindfulness Retreats in Italy​
A project by Wonderful Italy + alp

Duration: 4 days/3 nights

Who we are: Wonderful Italy
Wonderful Italy is one of the newest innovating Italian DMCs, offering accommodation, tours and activities in Italy for guests from all over the World.
Italy is a well known touristic destination. Yet many destinations are still uncharted. These are often wonderful communities that haven't grown to be accessible to the many. Wonderful Italy helps these places open up to the world, working closely with locals to design and deliver the most exclusive stay for all guests.

Who we are: alp activating leadership potential
alp is a European network of professionals who are passionate about leadership development, emotional intelligence and learning.
alp’s members combine academic and practitioners with backgrounds and experiences in the field of education, personal and organizational development from all over the world.
alp members share a common passion in new approaches to leadership and in non-formal learning supporting the “opening up” of people's potential.
alp’s method is based on experiences, embodiment activities, deep reflection, promoting authenticity and self-discovery.
alp members have a proven record in supporting adults in exploring their inner potential and leadership.

Retreats Available:

1. The foundation of Inclusive Leadership:
Dates: 27/28/29/30 October and 21/22/23/24 January

2. Knowing your strengths
Dates: 3/4/5/6 November

3. Emotionally intelligent with mindfulness and essential
Dates: 14/15/16/17 November and 23/24/25/26 April

4. Self Care with essential oils
Dates: 31 October/1/2/3 November and 5/6/7/8 December

5. Skills and practice for authentic communication
Dates; 7/8/9/10 November

6. Discover yourself at the crossroad of cultural diversity
Dates: 15/16/17/18 December and 26/27/28/29 February

7. Think visually!
Dates: 14/15/16/17 November, 23/24/25