Incentive Trips
6 Reasons to Use Incentive Travel In Your Next Sales Program
Why Incentive Travel is Hot (and Cash alone is Not)

Group incentive travel provides employees with unique career opportunities. Face time with the company’s senior leadership. The chance to take their spouse on a paid vacation (without the headache of planning it). Time to connect and build relationships with other top-performing colleagues. And most importantly, incentive travel gives them an opportunity to have their hard work truly recognized.

1. It builds loyalty.

2. “Non-monetary” is good. “Experiential” is great.

3. Sales incentives give you a competitive edge in the labor market.

4. Competition drives performance

5. ROI, always and forever.

6. Remember Your Customers Would Love to Travel too, create a program for them

Your Sales Goals Aren’t Far Off Destinations

Every company wants to improve sales performance, and travel programs can play a critical role in doing just that. Companies who leverage both travel incentive and cash recognition programs see the most benefits in client retention, incremental revenue and increased market share.