Half Day Tour To Nairobi National Park
Half Day Tour To Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park’s relatively small size makes it all the easier to see all it has to offer in less than one day.

Details of Half Day Tour to Nairobi National Park
This half-day Nairobi national park tour is approximately 5 hours, and you have a choice of a morning or afternoon excursions.
Half Day Tour Nairobi National Park

The morning tour starts at 6.30 am and ends at approximately 12:00 pm.

The afternoon tour begins at 1:00 pm and ends at approximately 6:00 pm.

Special Tour Highlights:

The Big Four (Lions, Leopards, Rhinoceros, Buffaloes), and much more
Good chance to spot rhinos

Walking trails and the hippo pools
Over 400 species of birds
Visit to the Ivory Burning Monument

Located so close to the city, it’s a perfect option for those limited on time.

Pick up from your hotel or residence. Arriving in Nairobi National Park, you’ll quickly see how unique this special reserve is. Within sight of the city’s skyline you can spot lion, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, cheetah, hyena, zebra and much more. This reserve is the real thing – the animals aren’t in cages or behind fences. They are here in the wild, by thousands. In fact, the annual East Africa migration of wildebeest and zebra moves over the wide-open grassy plains, past acacia bush and through this most unlikely national park.


Just 10km south of the Kenya capital city Nairobi the park is Kenya’s oldest (1946) and one of its smallest, but sightings of lions and hyenas are regular. Spending your important holiday time here with delight safaris you’ll have opportunities to see endangered rhinos, hippos, ostrich and 400 species of birds.

Kifaru Ark; Kifaru is Kiswahili for rhinoceros and the park supports the largest population of endangered black rhinos in Kenya. Appropriately, the park has earned the nickname Kifaru Ark. As the population of rhinos here continues to grow, the park has become a source of the endangere