Hotel API
What is an API?
The acronym “API” stands for application programming interface, although for most hoteliers it might as well be gibberish. Don’t stress though, because the concept is actually quite simple.
In the early days of software, systems were server based which meant that they rarely spoke with each other. Think about that first Mac in your house before the internet - it was very much a lonely island.
As processing power advanced and internet speeds grow exponentially, software became easier to develop and more accessible. As the world shifted from a myriad of lonely server based systems to an ecosystem of hyper connected platforms, there became a need to allow seamless communications amongst those systems - enter the API.
APIs are effectively messengers of details between applications. Every time you book a flight on Expedia you're using an API that delivers pricing and availability from the respective airline’s database onto Expedia’s website. That same dynamic now occur between hotel software and hardware systems.
What is Hotel API or Hotel Booking API?
________________________________________Hotel API is web service offering online functionality of searching and booking hotels. These Hotel API manage rates, availability and variety of accommodations allow you to offer customer with best options for their ideal stay in a particular city. It will be executed on your own travel portal with multiple payment gateway integration so it will be increase user experience. Hotel API is also known as Hotel Booking API.

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