Wolfgang Riebe
3-in-1 Meetings & Events Host

Are you tired of the ‘same old’ boring conferences year in and year out?

Are you tired of hearing the same message repackaged and presented by a different speaker every year who simply just wants to sell more of his books?

Do you find that you wish your time away for that tea/lunch break just to be able to get out of the mandatory, boring, formal business session?

Do you long for more excitement at your next meeting or event? Have you ever questioned what the ‘return on investment’ is for the conference organisers… and yourself?

STOP the madness!

CHANGE your THINKING and who you use at your next event NOW! Yes,

Wolfgang is energetic, innovative memorable and every delegate will look forward to every time he walks on stage. but even more important is that he manages to inspire, mesmerise and entertain his audiences in a sophisticated, yet light-hearted manner interweaving non-stop tasteful humour throughout the authentic keynotes, moderation and shows he offers, all in alignment with YOUR event theme.

Every event organiser, company and delegate will suddenly realise the incredible value and profound ‘return on investment Wolfgang adds to your meeting, conference or event.

When you meet him for the first time, you’ll not only encounter a leading pioneer awash with authentic passion who remains a humble, insightful, intellectual and brimming with playfulness, but a man that changes lives when he speaks & entertains.

You will immediately notice the power and wonder he creates when he walks onto the platform. A true creative visionary and professor of hope, who has created magical moments for many of the world’s top organisations.

He has spent his entire life challenging, manipulating and beguiling cognitive functioning through keynotes, conjuring & humour. His vast global experience (over 150 countries), coupled with a logical laser focus in the corporate sector