Wolfgang Riebe
Are you tired of the ‘same old‘ boring business meeting? Nothing changes… its a day of technical jargon. If you’re lucky, George from HR is the emcee, but even though he’s funny in the office, he doesn’t save the day. Does this sound familiar?

You need a moderator that can read an audience, think on his feet, has specialist knowledge of management and organisational structures, and who can also take charge of the entire event in a truly unique manner. Furthermore, with international EMEA events you have delegates from various cultures and countries who all have a different understanding of the English language. Hence it is imperative that the link man speak clearly and effectively so that everyone may benefit from all inserts.

As a value-add, a pertinent mix of humour, anecdotes, experiences, stories and tricks are introduced in order to strategically and visually re-inforce, summarise and highlight all points made by the speakers. The memorable magical moments occur every time Wolfgang walks onto stage where he successfully mixes information with enter-trainment. The result = Energetic Info-Tainment that stimulates the delegates’ minds so that their focus and attention is where you want it to be.
Intro Video: https://youtu.be/v3J89Bzdm-4