Dynamic Packaging
Dynamic Packaging is process of creating customized package wherein consumers can build their own package by combining multiple travel services like flights + hotels, flight + transfer, flight + tour, flight + hotel + tour, flight + car rental, etc. in one package based on their choice.
Dynamic packaging is a method used in package holiday bookings to enable customers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, and car rental instead of purchasing a pre-defined package.
Dynamic packages differ from traditional package tours in that the pricing is always based on current availability, conduct group tours are rarely included and trip-specific add-ons such as airport parking and show tickets are often available.
Dynamic packages are similar in that frequently the air, hotel, and car rates are available only as part of a package or only from a certain seller. The term "dynamic packaging" is often used incorrectly to describe the less sophisticated procedure of interchanging various travel components within a package; however, this practice is more accurately described as "dynamic bundling".
True dynamic packaging demands the automated recombination of travel components based on the addition of rules that not only dictate the content of the package but also conditional pricing rules based on different conditions such as the trip characteristics, suppliers contributing components, the channel of distribution, and terms of sale.
Dynamic packages are primarily sold online, but online travel agencies will also sell by phone owing to the strong margins and high sale price of the product.

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