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Travel Booking Engine API
Travel Booking Engine API - Global GDS
Travel booking engine API is a tool that is integrated into your website and approves your clients to make reservations online. That means that thanks to the booking engine develop into your website, passengers buy directly from you. Great benefits of this system: there are no intermediaries or surprises, and the hotel-client relationship is strengthened without anyone acting as a mediator. And there is further for you, it also means the cut of commissions.
Travel Booking API
Travel Booking API is our standardized XML interface solution for travel agency, which offers a simple set of XML request and response, after integrating travel API from us you can search any of travel suppliers, make booking with them, retrieve information of existing bookings, generate and retrieve clients, fetch flight, bus and hotel content etc.
If you are looking to generate own booking engine with flight booking, bus ticket booking, and hotel booking solution should integrate XML response travel API in your travel booking engine.
Our travel API can approve you to add live pricing and booking functionality with multiple supplier integrations. By integration of Travel API (bus booking API, flight booking API, hotel booking API) with your travel website you can allow clients search for availability, retrieve your content and descriptions and make bookings with simple process.
What is a booking engine and how to use it?
The operation of an online booking engine consists of combining to the hotel's website and securely processing reservations made through it. The information is then transferred to the establishment's management system so that it can contact and handle reservations.
The booking engine can also sync with the company's Facebook profile, in addition to the travel website designers.