Wolfgang Riebe
Keynote Speaker
Don’t be fooled by thinking that simple logic, clever conjuring tricks and laughter do not belong in a keynote speech! Here is something truly unique with a proven international track record!

Communication that changes lives, while reminding delegates of their true potential through an authentic presence that reaches across all cultures, while shifting thinking radically… and has that magical touch!

Wolfgang became a speaker by accident! His life had always revolved around entertainment, with a core focus in the corporate market. Through designing tailor-made routines and effects around company themes & products, his networking skills, logical thinking and strategic skills, coupled with continued exposure to new business opportunities moved his core focus to innovative strategic thinking and inspiration. Because of his niche and uniqueness of what he did, clients often suggested he should consider becoming an inspirational speaker.
But Wolfgang wanted more! He didn’t just want to energize delegates by making them stand up, clap hands, feel good and three days later forget everything! He wanted to leave them with usable, achievable, sustainable and practical life skills for life! Although he has hands-on experience and much to share, for him it is more about reminding delegates of their unlimited potential through easy-to-understand authentic presentations that not only touch the very core of every person present, but also shifts thinking and creates a lasting magical change!
Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/sLA5tdZEtwY. Promo Video: