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Sabre Reservation System
Sabre Reservation System - Global GDS
Sabre is a Global Distribution System (GDS) owned by Sabre Corporation, a software and technology company dedicated to offering expert service and innovative solutions to the travel industry globally. Sabre GDS acts as the digital marketplace for personalized travel by connecting travel representatives and airline companies around the world to search fares, book, cancel and schedule different services offered by airlines, hotels, car rental companies and various tour operators.
What is the Sabre Reservation System?
The tour agencies and the tour operators can use the travel networks to explore, rate and book Sabre. Our Sabre solution is used to assist airlines to serve their clients effectively and market themselves. Sabre travel encourages Sabre airlines to expand their business reach to various types of travellers. Sabre GDS System establish power travel applications by providing complete end-to-end services to the developers.
Our travel booking system services include flight reservation system, hotel booking system, car reservation system, cruise and insurance model. The system connects the travel services buyers and sellers and provides great support to travel agents through online chat, call or email. Sabre API Integration is an effective channel that helps airlines, car hire and hotels to enhance their share of the market to business travellers. We are the specialist in sabre API integration for your travel portal.
Sabre Airline Reservation System
Sabre Airline Reservation System approve a wide range of applications and data solutions to assist airlines to vend themselves. It basically helps in the marketing of outputs, assisting clients and working more effectively.
Sabre airline system provides both airline reservations systems and a complete set of marketing and business planning solutions.