Axios Credit Bank Ltd
International Trade Finance Services
We, The Axios Credit Bank Ltd helps global businesses by handling their international trade transactions and also ensure that you stand freely in the international business community with our wide range of international trade finance services Malaysia & worldwide.

Here are the list of trade finance services provided by us for your international import/export business:

1. Letter of Credit
2. Trust Receipt
3. Bankers’ Guarantee
4. Bankers Acceptance
5. Shipping Guarantee
6. Documentary Collection
7. Bilateral Payment Arrangement
8. Acceptance Letter of Credit
9. Foreign Currency Trade Loan
10. Bills of exchange Purchased

As the axios credit bank ltd is one of the best trade finance solution provider for global enterprises and also keen to make their transaction smooth with an extensive range of business banking and finance services.

We can help you to reduce your payment risk while transacting globally and also provide a guarantee of payment for business in another country.

If you are in search of a reliable trade finance provider, then The Axios Credit Bank Ltd is the end of your search. Get in touch with our expert financial advisers for your business trade need.

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