International Trade Finance Services
Trade finance is basically a type of business funding in which a company can finance an international trade by using different financial instruments and products so that the importers and exporters can execute their international business transactions smoothly, and easily. If you are an importer, distributor, or wholesaler, International Trade finance services could provide you the cash you need to pay your suppliers.

At Axios Credit Bank, we cover an extensive range of various international trade finance solutions for importers and exporters worldwide. We do not only ensure that you run your business globally with ease by having worldwide acceptance but we also handle your trade finance transactions efficiently. If you want to avail of the benefits of our vast range of trade finance services Malaysia to run your business struggle-free, just contact us.

Axios Credit Bank Stands For All Your Trade Finance Needs For Global Business

The two most important players that hold a significant role in trade transactions are - First, an exporter who needs payment for their goods and services and second, an importer who wants to make sure to get paid for the correct quality and quantity of goods. At Axios Credit Bank, we believe in providing the top-end finance solutions and therefore covering our business trade finance services for both import and export services.

Services That We Cover Are:

Letter of Credit
Trust Receipt
Bankers’ Guarantee
Bankers Acceptance
Shipping Guarantee
Documentary Collection
Bilateral Payment Arrangement
Acceptance Letter of Credit
Foreign Currency Trade Loan
Bills of exchange Purchased

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