Easy Events Hungary KFT
EventGames; is a gamification technology notion which is full of new opportunities for your events, furthermore, it is a game-based project entirety to interiorize process, no matter what target is.

Do you have a new project? and Do you think how effective you introduce your new project? We contemplate with you and make real your fiction. Afterwards, the most appropriate technology is selected depending on fiction and the effect you requested to produce.

Depending on your project, we provide virtual reality technologies, augmented reality and video fiction, to maximize impact. Thus, we try to create a real feeling for message you need to convey to target group.

EventGames with its motivational structure;

It is an opportunity to be unique,

Increases the motivation of the user,

Contents both admin and user.

We create gamification projects especially in HR, training process, marketing, UX developing, loyalty services, and provide great acquisitions for brands with game design by developing its technology.

With present day’s high-tech game fiction technologies, such as Oculus Virtual Reality, HTC Vive Virtual Reality and Samsung Gear VR, we develop custom games for events, in this way, these games are privatized for branding in line with your requirements.