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Mount Kilimanjaro day hike to Mandara Hut on Marangu route package for 2023, 2024 and 2025 from Moshi and Arusha with Amazon Safaris
The Kilimanjaro day hike is special if you're unsure of your level of fitness for a full Kilimanjaro trip. You might need to do one of our more manageable Kilimanjaro excursions through the Marangu route. This excursion is great if you are traveling with young children who aren't yet ready for the entire hike or if your trip is simply too brief but you still want to enjoy yourself. You won't get a whole image of what it's like to join a Kilimanjaro hiking expedition just from one day on the mountain.

On this day hike to the base camp of Mount Kilimanjaro (Mandara Hut), you will discover a pristine tropical forest and take in the breathtaking views. Black and white colobus monkeys can be found residing in the branches of the tropical trees that grow across the route traveled by the earliest Kilimanjaro explorers, the Marangu. You hike to Mandara Hut on the one-day tour and return to the entrance gate.