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Incentive programs
Inspire your business associates to reach even higher goals by taking them on a quest to Croatia. Provide them with an experience that will take your collaboration to a higher level and deepen your partnership in future deeds. We ensure that your journey is filled with unique moments, impressive locations and stimulating activities. Croatian land, history, cuisine and customs contribute to creating a memorable voyage that enhances the potential of all those that take part in it. Our expertise in this area will give you full support in motivating those that have contributed to your successful business, certifying the continuation of your success.

We live the Croatian culture and know its virtues, its possibilities and its riches. With this knowledge, we contribute to integrating the local into your project, bringing it to a higher level and creating a memorable experience for your clients. Being a trustworthy local partner, we analyse each location, hotel, restaurant or activity, presenting the strengths and weaknesses while at the same time offering our advice based on experience. Having over 25 years’ experience, we have the experience to know how to adjust services to your needs and have a strong relationship with our partners throughout Croatia. Trust us to lead your project and we will negotiate the best of Croatia all in tune with your project aims.