Special flights
Special flights
In charter aircraft, special flights include all types of charter flights adhoc that require extensive preparation. Evacuation flights or humanitarian flights, flights to governments, “oil” flights and other urgent cargo flights
Charter evacuation or humanitarian flight:
Charters for evacuations are usually urgent flights with very short notice in terms of operation. In most cases, this type of benefit is requested with immediate realization because the situation demands it. Please find hereunder some examples of urgent charters :

Emergency situations, war zones, conflicts and natural disasters often involve emergency air evacuation. It is then necessary to have all the parameters to better manage this event.

Airlines, regular or charter, require a large number of guarantees before flying on these destinations. Insurance is often also on staff and aircraft and a risk premium is usually requested; we are talking about a war risk insurance (WRI) or insurance premium for a war zone. Such type of insurance concern the aircraft and the crew but also the passengers transported . It may vaery from hours to hour, depending of the situation of the country .

Traffic rights are often difficult to obtain, especially if the airline does not belong to the country of departure. It is the same with overflight rights and requests for ground assistance. Our team is operational for such type of problems and we do have several contact in civil aviation to obtain all permits quite quickly .

Government Flights:
Some countries in the world do not have owned aircraft and use external aircraft for official travel, meetings or diplomatic visits.

The aircraft generally used are vip planes, aircraft converted into executive aviation with lounges, bedrooms for some and a level of comfort and luxury. There is very few airplanes in the world with such type of equipment , request need to be received in advance to get the chance to charter such type of unit .