Business jets
Private jet rental
The private jet charter aircraft type is a market concerning the aviation business and allows every day around the world, to people traveling for professional or personal needs. To better understand this world of private jet charter, here are the differences:
The taxi planes:
Taxi flights are generally short flights operated with small devices that can be business turboprop (type Paggio Beech or 350) or a new generation of jets with quotes Mustang 4 seats.

The principle of a taxi flight is that it is relatively short, is organized quickly and operates everywhere in record time. It is very popular for urgent appointments or flights of less than 1:30.

Some examples of taxi flights:

o Paris / Geneva
o London / Paris
o Madrid / Rome

Business aviation flights:
This generally concerns flights on larger aircraft of up to 10 seats and can operate flights of 03H00 0 05H00 flight. More comfortable, they are used for business or personal trips over longer distances. A large number of devices exist on this range.

Executive or long-haul flights:
Real luxury aircraft, they have a capacity in general up to 14 seats, offers telephony and Internet on board and cross distances up to 14 hours of flight. We are talking about long range planes for their crossing distance. Suitable for any mission, these devices are very popular for meetings on other continents for example.

The advantages of renting a private jet
The first advantage lies in the considerable time savings offered. Indeed, the departures are usually made of aviation terminals business with just a car parking in front of the boarding is done in 5 minutes and you board after about 50 meters walk.

You can afford to arrive 15 minutes before departure and the landing is done in the same conditions. Saving time is the prime benefit of jet leasing.
The comfort on board an airplane of this type is generally equivalent to an airliner business class but you are alone on board or with your partners. An import