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The Big Six Festival (B6FEST)
Supporting, Strengthening, Projecting, Building, Branding, Preservation, Conservation, Protection, Restoration, Promotion, Celebration, Reminiscence and Presentation of Africa and in particular, Ghana’s Pilgrimage, History, Heritage, Arts, Culture, Festivals, Socials, Lifestyles, Folklore, Gastronomy, Music, Dance, Entertainment, Excursions, Recreation, Leisure, Business, Sports and Religious Tourism, Travel, Vacation, Holidays, Hospitality, Homecoming and Events Image.

Through the Remarkable Social, Domestic, National and International Appeal, Image and Emotionalism. Of the Intrinsically Intertwined Africa and in Particular, Ghana’s Colonial Era, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Historical Occurrences and Struggles to Achieve Independence.

The Impeccable Life, Works, Achievements, Legacy and Names of the Prominent, Famous and Foremost Pan-African Leaders, Pioneers and Gallant Heroes, the Six Iconic Personalities of the Efforts to Achieve Independence. Who are Affectionately Called “the Big Six”. And the Touristic Strategic Days and/or Period Leading Up to Ghana’s Independence Day Celebrations.