Kra Travel (Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd)
Sun, Sea, Sand, Swim, Surf and Sports Deep Dive
Sun, Sea, Sand, Swim, Surf and Sports (6S) Deep Dive offers international tourists in particular, the most glamorous, spectacular, epic, pulsating, stunning and ecstatically irresistible off-the-beaten track pathways to exceptional and exclusive immersion in extensive pristine, serene, unspoiled and tucked-away coastlines, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, resorts, water and beach fronts.

All of these awesome creations of nature, provides the most unblemished, unparalleled, authentic and exotic ambiance and experiential moments.

That leads you effortlessly into purposeful natural or nature ambiance inspired soul, mind, bodily and personal serenity, spirituality, godliness, religious, meditation, mindfulness, reflections, consciousness, awareness and nature adaptability. Retreat, revival, relaxation, stress reliefs, nerves calming, revitalization, rejuvenation, re-energizing and enrichment. Outdoor adventure, sightseeing, leisure, recreation, sports, natural, active and healthy living, lifestyles and livelihoods exercises, activities and experiences.