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7 days Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro Royal climbingRoyal Tour Package with highly summit success rate
Hike Kilimanjaro using the beautiful lemosho route climb Kilimanjaro with high assurance of reaching the peak. Get the best Kilimanjaro 7 Days Royal climbingRoyal Tour Package with high success rate and amazing services
With captivating panoramic views, unspoilt wildlife, excellent acclimatization opportunities and little climbing traffic, Lemosho is our personal first favorite for reaching the Roof of Africa.
After a 4 hour drive from Moshi to the Londorossi gate you will find yourself on the western slope of Kilimanjaro, from there the road will take you to the famous plateau of Shira. There you start your adventure through all climate zones - from alpine meadows to eternal ice. The climb is gentle and gradual, with the highest success rate of any Kilimanjaro route.
Six, seven and eight day programs are available so you can choose depending on how much time you have. Longer programs are always recommended over shorter ones for better acclimatization.