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7 Days Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour via Lemosho Route with highly summit success rate for 2023,2024,2025 with Kilimanjaro Royal Tour
The Lemosho route, spanning 7 days, offers a unique approach to conquering Mount Kilimanjaro from the western side. It all begins with a scenic drive from Moshi to Londorossi Gate. Over the initial two days, trekkers venture through the lush rainforest, eventually reaching the picturesque Shira Ridge. An enjoyable and relatively flat hike awaits as the Lemosho route takes you across the entire Shira Plateau, from the west to the east.
Throughout this journey, you'll find that the crowds remain sparse until the route intersects with the Machame route near Lava Tower. From there, the path leads you beneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field, following the renowned Southern Circuit, before the ultimate ascent to the summit from Barafu. As your incredible adventure concludes, you'll descend via the Mweka route, having experienced the remarkable beauty and challenge of Kilimanjaro's western approach.
The best prices for 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing Lemosho route: range from $1681to $1800 per person per trip, this price depends on standard services, accommodation before, during and after the climb, the number of people group climbs. This 7 days Lemosho route prices can be paid in British pounds, Us dollars, Tanzanian shillings, and Euros.
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