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Manaslu Circuit Trek
The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a wonderful blend of natural beauty as well as the culture of Himalayan Nepal. It is also one of the challenging, magical, and most adventurous treks in Nepal. Manaslu Trek there will provide a view of the adventures with a tremendous day variety of natural beauty. The Manaslu trek offers a unique opportunity to experience an excellent view of this region and super beauty along the border of Nepal.
The Manaslu Circuit Trek presents hikers with a life-long experience of outdoor adventure. The Hiking trail through the ancient salt route. This hike is led by numerous iconic suspension bridges. Despite its low popularity, hikers who embark on this trip pompously praise it as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Natural magical waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, Iconic landmarks, Buddhist Monasteries, and scenic beauty of 10 different peaks above the height of 5106 Meters offered by this circuit, leave other popular treks in Nepal far behind.