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Best 1-day safari to Tarangire national park
This 1-day safari to Tarangire National Park is a short drive from Arusha that offers a fantastic game driving experience all year round. Home to Tanzania's largest population of elephants, Tarangire is the best place to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat - from the adorable calves all the way up to the intimidating bulls. It is also an ideal place to snap photos of the baobab tree (the Tree of Life), as it grows in great numbers throughout the park. Tarangire is also the best place to see the fringed-eared oryx, greater kudu, and ashy starling in the wild.

The most suitable highlights for the best 1-day Tarangire National Park
1. This 1-day safari at Tarangire National Park is one short trip to one of the national parks in Tanzania's northern circuit
2. Huge baobabs & large elephant herds
3. Tarangire National Park is known as a wonderful birding destination and also features large numbers of games, particularly during the dry season, when the Tarangire River is the only source of water in the area.

The price for the best 1-day Tarangire National Park is from $200 to $400 per person that price depends on transportation by using a pop-up-roof 4x4 vehicle. This price can be paid by cash or card in US dollars, pounds, euros, or Tanzanian shillings.

The full details about the best 1-day Tarangire National Park
Location: Tarangire national park
Tour duration
From Moshi to Tarangire 2-3:30 hours
From Arusha to Tarangire 2 hours
Game drive time is 4-5 hours
Total tour duration round trip is 8-9 hours

You'll depart from Arusha after breakfast and begin the 2-hour drive to Tarangire National Park.
Along the way, you'll take in the changing landscape as Arusha's urban jungle is replaced by wide open plains and quaint Masai villages. Checking in at the park offers a good chance to see mischievous monkeys darting about in the shade and you can also pose with a gigantic Baobab at the park's entrance. At 3:45 start a journey to return Arusha Town.