Tunisian Sky Travel
Face of the Tunisia South
With this circuit, you will discover the Erg Oriental, a veritable ocean of fluid and golden sand which swells in moving waves. On the back of your camel, you will escape to an ideal and magical place that will make you forget the worries of your daily life. You will find the essentials of life there. In the infinite and vibrant space of the desert, you will be able to offer yourself a time of intimacy and presence to yourself and to others. You will let what emerges from your interior rise to release your tensions and let go. This is what I love about every getaway I do in the Sahara !! Come and enjoy discovering and sharing these wonderful and unforgettable moments.
The other part of the tour, by 4x4, will introduce you to the ksours of southern Tunisia in Douiret and the troglodyte village of Chenini, both located about 20 km from Tataouine. After your 3 days of camel ride, you will discover the astonishing mountain oases on the side of Tozeur, and the troglodyte houses of Matmata before returning to the sweetness of the island of Djerba.