Tunisian Sky Travel
Desert and Djerba island tour
The 4 days private tour from Tunis to Djerba through Tozeur's oasis & Chebika Falls is ideal for a couple or solo, including the visit of Kairouan, the world heritage Islamic city and El Jem Unesco site, crossing the prehistoric vast salty of chott el-Jerid and Tameghza oasis and falls then spend a night in Sahara of Douz, last night into Djerba island.

Itinerary :
Day -1- : Tunis -> Kairouan -> Tozeur .
Day -2- : Chebika & Tamaghza falls -> Chott ElJerid -> Sahara Douz.
Day -3- : Douiret -> Matmata -> Djerba island.
Day -4- : Military museum of Mareth line -> Amphitheater and museum of ElJem -> Tunis or Sousse.

Rates : per person : from 855 €