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For the Restaurant industry, the biggest challenge is to control the order entry, recipe costing, tracking & documentation of perishable inventory. Software for restaurant billing permits you to easily make adjustments to different menus & prices with respect to a different time.

We at Groupy believe in and strive to bring you applications that provide you with beneficial and fast services to make your work simple and accurate.

Running a restaurant requires a robust management system to help you maximize efficiency, enhance your profitability, and expand in the future. The restaurant industry never stops moving, and your success depends on how you control all of the moving pieces.

End-To-End Restaurant Inventory Management System Software

Adjusting Inventory Levels With Sales

The software helps in automatically adjusting the inventory stock levels in real-time just after orders are received.

Optimizing Inventory Based On Orders

Based on sales forecasts, historical usage, and PAR levels, the system aids optimize stock levels effectively.

Placing Orders Just In A Few Clicks

Order placing is fast as the system involves the electronic exchange of details with local vendors and suppliers.

Spot Check For Stock Levels

An important inventory management system helps detect waste, loss, theft, and delivery errors for actual vs. expected inventory levels.

Why Do You Need Restaurant Management Software?

The daily activities of running a restaurant can pile up quickly, and numerous of those responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the owner or manager. In addition to managing a POS system, restaurant managers face various challenges and responsibilities every day.

In the restaurant industry, managing time is crucial. The addition of software and tech is needed to simplify and shorten the time it takes us to carry out tasks.