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CRS Reservation System
The Importance and Role of Computer Reservation Systems (CRS)

Computer Reservation System is one of the most widely used tools in the Travel & Tourism Sector. It has transformed a whole industry.

A computer reservation system (CRS) is web-based software that travel agencies and travel management companies use to retrieve and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, and other activities. CRSs were initially developed and operated by airlines before being gradually expanded for use by travel agencies.

The computer reservation system has evolved into one of the most widely used tools in the tourism industry. CRS/GDS regulations are required to promote fair competition in the travel industry and to ensure that consumers do not receive inaccurate or misleading information about travel services.

Why do travel agents need access to Computer Reservation System?

Computer reservation systems are the backbone of the travel agent's operation. These systems allow the agent to book hotels, tickets, transfers, tours, and other services online, thus lowering operating costs.

Groupy's Central Reservation System (CRS) will help you sell and distribute all of your Inventory products online, including Vacation Packages, cars, cruises, sightseeing, transfers, buses, and other special offers. It provides a complete booking process, from initiating booking inquiries to generating tickets and vouchers.

What are the Major Central Reservation Systems?

Airline CRS

The airline computer reservation system (CRS) is one of the most commonly used tools in travel & tourism. The Airline Computer Reservation System is a global distribution system used to book and sell tickets for multiple airlines.

The airline computer reservation system manages the booking system as well as flight details, inventories, and prices. Airline CRS includes both B2B and B2C interfaces for users to book flights.