Tour Operator Software
Dynamic Packaging Technology
The Most Advanced Dynamic Packaging for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Dynamic Packaging System is complete Software comes with a specialized Dynamic Packaging Engine that helps to identify the business processes that are applied to the customer at the time of booking, making it easy to add a mark-up and dynamically packaged flight, hotel, and other services in one tour packages.

Travel agency software with dynamic packaging of flights and hotels empowers travel vendors to package various travel products in real-time and sell them in one transaction across multiple distribution channels.

How Dynamic Packaging helps Travel Agencies & Tour Operators?

Dynamic Packaging is the process of creating a custom package in which consumers can build their package by combining multiple travel services such as flights + hotels, flights + transfers, flights + tours, flights + hotels + tours, flights + car rentals, etc. in one package depending on their choice.

Dynamic packaging tools operate by dynamically purchasing package flights, hotels, car rental, and other travel components in real-time. These modules are then dynamically combined into packages and markup is also set up seamlessly. Dynamic packaging is versatile on all levels.

Partner with Groupy for Dynamic Packaging that make a difference

Groupy has been at the forefront of the dynamic packaging technology market, helping travel companies to find suitable systems and technology to compete in the latest changing marketplace.

We are willing to offer dynamic packages with hotel and flight and apply a different mark-up to each product (hotel or flight) based on how you sell it (individual or as a package).

Our Dynamic packaging software will help using additional dynamic inventories of many suppliers, distributing and offering the resulting pre-packaged tours. Such tour software is helpful to travel companies because it expands their product offerings with "custom" tour packages.