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Luxury Tour Packages
The golden bird called India with its rich bountiful preserve of resources stimulated the imaginations of visitors since time immemorial. The home country of the largest gem in the world till date, Kohinoor had every thing so grand; be it gold, finest jewels and opulent lifestyle contributing to the magnificence of the region.

The presence of righteous Maharajas in their kingdoms was a treasured testimony representing luxury in its exotic formats. Their artistic plush palaces, indulgent lifestyle, imported cars, impeccably furnished rail coaches and royal hospitality, etc were preeminent reasons why India over the course of many centuries synonymous with luxury. It still is. Even after many centuries, the concept of luxury is inherent in India and can be experienced exclusively through the unique interpretations of luxury tours packages in the land of Maharajas.

These special tours have one thing in common and that is to make a tourist relive the flamboyant indulgence of the yore suffused with modern luxury. Also, such tours thrive on the different interpretations of luxury. From the company of gaudy splendour of palaces and travelling on the luxury trains to peaceful solitude of beaches and Ayurveda; tourists can get it all easily in India.