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Reservation Management Software
Enable seamless online reservations management from beyond your website.

Managing multiple bookings is now easy with Groupy’s booking and reservation management. Manage banquet bookings, single and corporate bookings, prevent duplicate bookings, keep a track of customer preferences, booking inquiries from multiple platforms, monitor package performance, centrally view each and every guest booking, and much more with our Hotel booking management software. Manage corporate bookings vs. single booking and room occupancy to one inbox, stay updated with each guest’s conversation for a hassle-free reservation and support system. Enable room occupancy as available when a cancellation is done for that room.

Key benefits of reservation management software include:

- Eliminating the risk of double bookings
- Replacing paper diary and old booking systems
- Scheduling resources easily and quickly
- Maximizing resource utilization
- Reducing admin time

All-in-one Reservation Management Software

Groupy is all-in-one reservation management software where you can manage reservations, rate plans, reporting, emails, and more all from one login. With our dashboard, you get an overview what' s happening today and what needs to be done tomorrow. With our all in one platform for booking and managing hotels, car and activities with 24/7 customer support, business travel has never been smoother. Manage reservations with our in-built drag-and-drop calendar and check guests in or out with ease. All movements are connected to reports that are built right into the interface with Groupy so you and your staff are always in sync.

Following are some primary functions which are provided in our reservation management systems:

- Online availability to book anytime from anywhere
- Accessible to public users
- Send reminder emails and text messages
- Manage all the bookings at one place
- Accept and manage online payments
- Keeping sales records, invoices, tax calculation
- Customer relationship