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What do you understand by the B2B2C business model?

B2B2C stands for Business to Business to Clients and it is identified as an e-commerce model that incorporates Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) for comprehensive product or service transactions. The whole point of approaching this model is to reach the ultimate users with a secondary business.

This model is quite common in the travel and tourism industry and is at the heart of operations in organizations such as opening a Travel Agency, which creates an end-to-end solution for the travel and tourism business. B2B2C is a collaboration process that, in concept, creates mutually advantageous service and product delivery services.

Groupy is a well-known brand dedicated to providing complete B2B2C Travel Portal Development solutions. It enables you to collect money from your customers online. Set up and manage agents under your business.

Which is the best company to provide a B2B2C Travel Portal?

Groupy has the best B2B2C travel portal solutions globally which help in raising the profits in manifolds by avoiding the paying commissions to sales agents.

Customers can choose their services when using a B2B2C travel portal. Groupy serves travel agents and tour operators through its B2B2C travel portal for them to gain access to wholesale pricing that is reserved for them.

We developed a travel portal that provides a complete solution that is designed with the growing business requirements of the travel industry in mind and can scale as gains popularity. As a technology partner, we are the one-stop-shop for any technology requirement, be it a white-labeled solution or travel website development and travel booking software APIs.

Why Choose Groupy As Your Travel Website Development Company?

Introducing a web application is vital for any travel agency that aims at effective market growth and client attraction. However, it is not easy to start and manage a website, especially for new users.