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Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management is the management of transportation and logistics vehicles. It includes various commercial motor vehicles such as cars, ships, vans, and trucks.

Fleet management can include a variety of functions, such as truck financing, truck maintenance, vehicle telematics (location tracking and analytics), driver management and roistering, asset tracking, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management.

Groupy is leading Fleet Management Software Development Company. Groupy has years of experience in developing comprehensive, large, mid-size, and small fleet management software solutions with GPS tracking for different types of vehicles. We can create fleet tracking solutions to easily monitor, manage, and schedule every single car, truck, ship, airplane, or helicopter, or an entire fleet of vehicles.

Why choose Groupy Fleet Management Software?

Knowing how to choose the best fleet management software should lead you to select a solution that will improve your fleet's operations while maximizing company profits and reducing costs. For fleet management, Groupy brings together multiple ways of managing your fleet through hardware and software that will ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency.

Groupy’s fleet management software development expertise extends to creating innovative solutions that help optimize operational costs, provide process visibility, and improve overall fleet performance. With many years of experience in the transportation industry, we put our knowledge of this sector to use in helping fleet managers to improve every aspect of their work.

What Are the Benefits of Fleet Management Systems?

At Groupy's, we aim to deliver result-oriented, powerful and real-time fleet management mobile solutions to enterprise deals in the transportation and logistics industry. Our solutions are empowering many industry leaders to manage & maintain their fleet effectively.