Meeting Escrow Inc.
Financial Risk Management Solutions
Meeting Escrow offers financial & risk management solutions for meetings and events: advance deposit escrow accounts, foreign currency exchange protection, single vendor payment management, event insurance and VAT recovery.
Our team works with clients in times of pandemics, on event rebooking and cancellation process using our escrow trust solution. With advance deposits held in escrow, both clients and vendors negotiate quickly and efficiently towards mutually acceptable terms and neither party can use possession of the funds to their advantage. In the case of the cancelled programs, vendors’ cancellations fees are paid from the escrow accounts, with the remaining balance refunded to the client(s). For postponed programs, revised escrow agreements are signed.
Although clients pay for Meeting Escrow's financial trust and risk management services, the hotels, venues, DMCs and other vendors they work with around the world benefit greatly from the service as well.
We offer a solution for vendors too, specifically our Secure Vendor Program which is designed for hotels, venues, DMCs, agencies and other industry partners. Being a member of this program promotes your business and gives clients the confidence to sign contracts without financial worry because being a member of the Secure Vendor Program tells the world that you are "escrow ready".
Meeting Escrow is the answer for those clients that are focused on financial risk management, looking for transparency, accountability, and financial trust account options.