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Kazan is the Istanbul of the Volga, a place where Europe and Asia curiously inspect each other from the tops of church belfries and minarets. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, third capital of Russia; it is one of the largest economic, scientific and cultural centers in the country. The main tourist attraction is the Kremlin, inside which you’ll find buildings of stunning beauty such as the Church of the Annunciation and the Kul Sharif Mosque.

You will visit an island of Sviyazhsk, a picturesque small village on an island that was built in 1551 by Ivan the Terrible’s troops in only 4 weeks. On the way to the island you will see the Temple of All Religions.

You will continue the journey with a visit to Yekaterinburg. Founded in 1723, Yekaterinburg is Russia’s fourth-largest city, with a fascinating history and plenty to keep curious visitors occupied. Just like St. Petersburg to the north, Yekaterinburg was founded by Peter the Great and was planned as a “window to Asia”. Today it is the fourth largest city in the country and the third largest transportation hub. There are a lot of temples, architectural ensembles, monuments, squares and about 50 different museums including absolutely unique ones. The city also has a reputation as a center of higher education and research.