Hidden Pearls of Georgia: Travel the Unbeaten Path
Legend has it that God gave Georgians a land that he prepared for himself upon the creation of the world. While science found that ancient ancestors of Europeans lived on this land. It was from here that first people went to populate continents, starting an endless series of human migration on the planet. It was to this land that mythical wealth of Georgia attracted travelers since ancient times. Greek Argonauts sailed to the shores of the mysterious Colchis to get the Golden Fleece. Great conquerors of antiquity led their armies to capture mysterious Iberia. for centuries poets and storytellers of different peoples praised the beauty of this country set amongst magnificent mountains of the Caucasus. And now you have a chance to share the unique culture that Georgia has accumulated over millennia of stormy years. Exotour will show you the great story of the small state in which there are more than 200 museums and about 12 000 monuments from different eras, including those listed as the UNESCO world Heritage sites. Preservation of this heritage has always been associated with a sense of national identity of the Georgian people. Georgians will appreciate your attention to their traditions and they will repay you for this with their phenomenal hospitality. Lets start our journey!