Palms Land Tours
Al Ula with Hike & Farm Trip
Staring to visit Hurat Alouird to see The amazing view for al Ula city from the top of the highest mountain & Moving to visit Natural Rock formations (Elephant Rock). Then visiting Old Town Market.Continuing to Visit ( Dadan & Ikmah). Enjoying Typical Farm Experience with Explanation of all kinds of trees with fruit picking with his hand , Drinking fresh juice produced by the farm Experimenting with the cultivation by himself and the name of the implant with the same name as the client & enjoying coffee and tea among the trees . Moving to visit Jabal Abu Oud inscriptions & Wadi ostrich with light hiking , Towards to visit the Old Town.Finally Drive to visit Madain Saleh (Hegra tour ):
Hijaz Railway Station - AlFegeer - Mud Houses - Al Diwan - Jabal AlBanat - Lahyan bin Kuza’s Tomb - AlJabal AlAhmmer - AlKhurimat