Tailormade cycling tours according to everyone's possibilities
Shared sporting experiences forge strong corporate cultures! Cycling works better if the gears are lubricated and properly tuned. Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 crisis has left traces here and there in the team spirit and dynamics of different company teams (or the relationship with your customers).
Fortunately, there is a sporty and safe way to breathe new life into the group spirit: a collective cycling tour, sporty or recreational, whether or not combined with yoga, for example, as a boost for your team.
The increased solidarity and the sporty group spirit will undoubtedly motivate each employee individually now and then yield collective benefits afterwards. A strong corporate culture offers competitive advantages, every entrepreneur knows that. And active collective actions are ideal for maintaining or strengthening that corporate culture. In short, PASSAPORTA organises all this in any region in the Benelux region. Small-scale, or slightly broader, partial or complete, fully customised and according to everyone's possibilities.